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A medium-sized wallet perfect for everyday use, the Lara features ample card storage and a mesh window for your identification card.  She’s small enough to fit comfortably in your handbag, but sizable enough to serve as a clutch for day-to-day use.  Pop a lip balm in one of the secure zip compartments and you’re good to go! 

23 x 13 x 2cm

The Kompanero brand features timeless styling wth a distinctive weathered look and a vintage, luxe bohemian feel. Each bag is handcrafted using luxurious piece dyed leather which ages beautifully over time.

Being a handcrafted product each piece is unique with grain, texture and markings. 

About Kompanero

KOMPANERO is a range of leather bags and wallets with a distinctive weathered look, vintage appeal and a contemporary design inspired by the concept ‘Leather is a Timeless Companion’.

The KOMPANERO brand was born with the idea of creating timeless accessories that leave no shred of doubt in the mind of the observer that these bags are high quality leather. Since the time this idea was conceived, our design research team has worked extensively to create these unique inimitable looks and finishes. The result is a KOMPANERO look that cannot be replicated using cheap synthetic materials. In fact, none of our products come with a “Genuine Leather” stamp because they simply do not need it. Anybody seeing or touching a KOMPANERO will rest assured that such beautiful and exquisite bags can only be created out of leather.

Each KOMPANERO bag is handcrafted and piece-dyed. They are then individually distressed. Each of them is unique. One of a kind. Even the term ‘limited edition’ would seem a misfit. These bags are individualistic in style. A statement by themselves and a statement for its owner. Global in its fashion sensibilities. It is of little surprise then that Australia, Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain and several fashion-forward markets have given KOMPANERO bags a rousing response.

Each Kompanero bag is individually piece-dyed. The manufactuer follows the method of piece-dying its products as the process is environment-friendly and sustainable. Piece-dying limits or negates the need for stocking large amounts of inventory, reduces wastage of leather as well as water.

As each piece is individually dyed the colours will vary in shades and tones giving it an aged, unique vintage appeal. Hide skin markings and textures are also preserved as a natural by-product of this technique. It doesn't get any closer to nature than this - and that's the point!

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Size Chart


6 US 37 EURO 4 UK
7 US 38 EURO 5 UK
8 US 39 EURO 6 UK
9 US 40 EURO 7 UK
10 US 41 EURO 8 UK
11 US 42 EURO 9 UK
12 US 43 EURO 10 UK


8 US 41 EURO 7 UK
9 US 42 EURO 8 UK
10 US 43 EURO 9 UK
11 US 44 EURO 10 UK
12 US 45 EURO 11 UK
13 US 46 EURO 12 UK
14 US 47 EURO 13 UK